Pretty succulents

Sweetheart Hoya

Can you believe there's a succulent with such perfectly heart-shaped leaves? This characteristic makes the Hoya a fitting Valentine's Day or anniversary gift.

Propeller Plant

The large, overlapping leaves of Crassula perfoliata are a striking feature of this two-foot tall native of South Africa.

Zebra haworthia – The Zebra Plant

Indigenous to South Africa, the picture-perfect Zebra Haworthia or Zebra Plant uplifts any space in a pretty pot.

Exotic indoor succulents

Tree aeonium (Aeonium arboreum and cvs.)

If a zinnia were a succulent, it would be a tree aeonium. This species features two of the hottest varieties in the modern succulent world.

Moonstone Succulent

Appropriately named given its almost opalescent-looking hue (that can range from pink to blue!) and rounded, fleshy leaves, the moonstone succulent (Pachyphytum oviferum) is an adorable—and colorful—addition to any houseplant collection.


Evergreen medicinal aloe, or Aloe vera, grows year-round in zones 10 to 12, where it reaches a height of up to two feet and produces yellow blossoms in summer.

Easy-to-follow succulents tips

Rotate Succulents Frequently
Succulents love direct sun, but if yours is sitting in the same exact spot day after day, it's likely that only one side is getting enough light. Langton and Ray suggest rotating the plant often.
When to Water
The trick is not to over-water these tough guys. The reason that succulents’ claim to fame is that you cannot kill them is because unlike most plants, when you forget to water them for a few weeks they can still thrive.
Let them see the sun!
Succulents offer brilliant colours and are at their best when exposed to long days of direct sunlight (6 hours+ of direct light). While you can grow succulents in the shade, their colour won’t be as intense.


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