VivaKeto Keurig Cups (pack of 12)

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VivaKeto Keurig Cups is inspired by old Tibetan Tradition for Buttered Tea and Coffee. This products is enhanced by combining Coffee with Healthy Fats in form of MCT Oil Powder. We are dedicated to promote healthier life style and diet, and this product is created to accompany you with Keto/Low-Carb Diet, or help with your goals to loss weight and burn fat.This is Medium Roast Coffee that has soft taste and aroma of arabica beans, with buttery touch of MCT Oils, it will help you start your day.Our signature 12 pack of Keurig K-Cups will help you in your ketogenic journey and also provide a great steady increase in energy levels!

✔ Combining coffee, our essential vitamin blend, MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), Turmeric and Cinnamon to create the ideal blend for IDEA people. The smart combo of "good fats" and cinnamon help reduce sugar cravings, too. Start your day the smart way, with VivaKeto

✔ The essential vitamins of B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3 & Antioxidants combine with coffee to keep your energy levels up while supporting your metabolism. The cinnamon, turmeric, and MCT oil combine with coffee to help you jump start your body and mind in the morning, so your body can kick it into high gear faster!

✔ VivaKeto pods are compatible with most Keurig and Keurig 2.0 systems. VivaKeto is confirmed to be fully compatible with all of the following Keurig style brewers: K10 MINI Plus, K40/45 Elite, K60/K65 Special Edition, K70/K75/K79 Platinum, K200/K250, K300/K350, K400/K450/K460, K500/K550/K560, K140/K145, Mr.Coffee, iCoffee, Hamilton Beach

✔ The Genius Blend is medium roast. A 5th generation roastmaster selects the finest Arabica coffee beans from Brazil and Mexico. The coffee roasting brings the beans to begin caramelization without a burnt aftertaste; allowing for a balanced flavor profile. The cinnamon and turmeric combine for a delicious flavor that provides all of the benefits of these two healthful spices.


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