Top 5 types of succulents to grow at home


Panda Plant

Do you love Pandas and their adorable appearance? I’m on board with you because they’re amazing creatures. This plant is named after a Panda because of the distinct markings on the tips of the leaves.

Also, this succulent is covered with fur as well. The Panda plant has a small stature which makes it a good choice if you need to squeeze a plant into a smaller location or even a planter. It can fit practically anywhere.

Pincushion Cactus

I love when people grow this style of cactus because it brings back memories of my great grandmother. She grew a Pincushion Cactus in her bathroom window for years. It was unique and a special memory I only incorporate with her.

If you’re looking for a pointy cactus which will only grow to be around six inches or less, this could be your plant. It also produces pretty, colorful blooms on it as well. If I noticed it as a small child, you know this plant can draw the eye.


The Roseum is a unique plant you’ll want to consider. It only grows to be approximately six inches in height. Because of its small stature, it’s an excellent choice for a container garden or for growing indoors on a windowsill.

Keep in mind, this plant prefers partial shade and can be eye-catching too. It produces star-shaped flowers which are a vibrant pink color.

Snake Plant

If the name of this plant doesn’t draw your attention, no worries, the plant itself will certainly do the job. It is a plant perfect for growing indoors. It has qualities which allow the plant to purify the air in your home, naturally.

But the best part about this plant is how low-maintenance it is. If you have a room with poor lighting, this plant can thrive there, and it can survive for more extended periods of time with no water. To those who are famous for neglecting their houseplant, this plant is the one for you!

Zebra Plant

The Zebra plant is another succulent option which tells you how it was given its name after one look at it. This plant has stripes all over it which quickly remind you of a zebra. If you’re looking for a small succulent to grow indoors, this plant is for you.

It only grows to be about five to six inches tall. Keep in mind; you should grow this plant in a small planter because it has shallow roots. But once you get the plant settled in, be prepared to be amazed. It produces dazzling yellow flowers.

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